Professional Disability Consultation

Valuable Employees

Autistic people are valuable employees, their attributes include loyalty, committment, focus, attention to detail, honesty, hard work and trustworthiness.


AuSomer can provide assistance to check job adverts for the common pitfalls which would put off members of the neurodiverse community from applying at the outset and provide you with support to consider adaptations to the interview process.


For further information about how you can promote inclusion of Neurodiverse job-seekers, please take a look at this guide from the National Autistic Society

AuSomer can provide your organisation with professional disability consultation.  The training will be deliviered by an Autistic person for the 'inside perspective' and if you have an Autistic employee, we can help them tailor some training to their needs in the workplace and support them to deliver it themselves as much as they would like to.

support to Make Adjustments

We can help you look at both your organisation's premises and your policies. Viewing them from a different perspective and working with your employee and your organisation to determine any Adjustments required and supporting you to implement those which are deemed 'Reasonable'. 

Additional Workshops

In addition to Autism training, AuSomer can provide workshops on other aspects of disability and inclusion. AuSomer Trustees have a wealth of experience in the Equality Act 2010. Please Contact Us for further information.