You are no longer walking alone!

AuSomer plans to hold coffee mornings for parents of Autistic children to meet other parents of Autistic children. Where children can be distracted with playing and crafting while parents talk.

Play/craft groups would be allocated according to whether they are an Autistic child or the sibling of an Autistic child.


We know there is real benefit for siblings in meeting other children who are in a similar place and we also know that many Autistic children benefit from playing with other Autistic children.

AuSomer will also be offering meet-ups specifically for Autistic girls. There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that many Autistic females are more sociable than Autistic males and that they have a 'need' to socialise. 

AuSomer will provide Autism consultation at your Autistic child's school so please pass our details on to them to request a training session

Parents/carers of Autistic folk in Somerset - Contact Us for membership enquiries