AuSomer will offer social and recreational sessions and day trips for Autistic children in various forms depending on age, developemental stage and level of interest of the membership at any given time

The Social and Recreational opportunities for Autistic children and young people and/or their siblings and/or children of Autistic adults could be anything from a football club to a chess club to crafting. The Trustees of AuSomer will endeavour to provide sessions requested by the members of AuSomer.

Undoubtedly, Lego Therapy will be a popular session. Its a session solely for Autistic Children and we hope to secure grants to offer this at as low a price as possible, if not free. 

If you have never heard of Lego(R) Therapy for helping Autistic Children build social skill click here for further information (opens in a new window)

All our sessions will be for members only and although there may be a small fee for each session the good news is that to become a member you only need to complete a registration form. Please Contact Us for more information and to request a form.